3 Types of Bathroom Layouts: Master, Guest & Medium

When it comes to designing a bathroom, there are three main types of layouts to choose from: master, guest, and medium. Each type of bathroom has its own unique features and design options. The master bathroom is usually the largest and most private bathroom in a residence. It is often attached to the master bedroom as an en-suite design.

This type of bathroom typically includes a luxurious marble sink, metal tiles, and plenty of storage space. A guest bathroom, also known as a service bathroom or vanity, usually contains two of the four components of a full bathroom: a sink and toilet. Depending on where these two accessories are placed in the space, you may be looking for a linear, single-wall, or divided design plan. The medium bathroom, also known as a service cabinet or service shower, usually only contains one component of the bathroom, such as a shower cubicle or toilet.

This type of bathroom is often found as an addition to the lower level of a property and allows someone to take care of their personal hygiene without having to enter the entire house. When it comes to designing any type of bathroom, it's important to consider the layout and configuration options available. The smallest bathroom design is a half-bathroom, which usually includes just a toilet and sink. Three-component bathrooms are called three-bedroom bathrooms and include a toilet, sink, and separate shower or bathtub.

Full bathrooms house all four components. Ideas for secondary bathrooms are often the most practical of all. A storage niche dug into the wall just above the toilet is perfect for compact bathrooms. These delicate niches can also be excavated with portrait lighting in a master bathroom or used for keeping air-purifying plants in pots or diffusers with aromatic oils in any type of bathroom.

In real estate, a full bathroom contains four accessories, a three-bedroom bathroom contains three accessories, and a half-bathroom is limited to just a toilet and sink. When buying, selling, building, or remodeling a home, it's important to understand the different types of bathrooms. It's also important to consider accessibility when designing a bathroom. Accessible residential bathrooms are designed for wheelchair users in residential areas that offer enough free space on the floor for the wheelchair to rotate.

These bathrooms have several different designs depending on divided or lateral accessories and vary in size. Designing the perfect bathroom can be challenging even when starting from scratch or doing a renovation. It's always advisable to start with the layout of your bathroom, find out where the doors and windows are placed, and organize your decor accordingly. Split bathrooms divide the entrance area and main sink into one area other than the bathroom while the toilet and bathtub are enclosed in another area of the bathroom.

This type of design offers plenty of possibilities for people looking for a shared bathroom design thanks to its two entrances. Foyr Neo is an incredible tool that can help aspiring interior designers and homeowners alike create their dream bathrooms in 3D and see it from any angle. This easy-to-use tool runs in the cloud.

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