Bathroom Remodeling

As summer approaches, you’re probably looking forward to a little relaxation, a break from your hectic work schedule and your kids’ school activities. If you or your family members need some “me time” this summer, what better way to unwind than in a brand-new bathroom that’s customized to you?

You might be thinking, “A bathroom renovation?! That can’t be relaxing!”—but Bath Planet of Mid Illinois makes it easy. In fact, we specialize in one-day remodel services that will have you in the tub or shower of your dreams in no time! Find some inspiration now by checking out just a few ideas for your summer bathroom remodeling project.

Three Great Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom This Summer

From accessibility and safety to luxury and style, there are countless reasons to enhance your bathroom with a one-day remodel:

1. Soak away your worries away in a walk-in tub.

Walk-in tubs may be thought of as a primarily safety-focused feature, but they’re actually one of our most popular replacement bathtubs for people of all ages. With a deep-soaking design and comfortable built-in seating, our walk-in tubs turn ordinary bathing into a daily treat. In fact, for many local families, the safety is just a bonus—and a feature that will certainly prove valuable as they age in place or eventually resell their property.

2. Welcome visitors in a newly made-over guest bathroom.

If you’re embarrassed to host guests due an outdated or uncomfortable guest bath, why not change it before the next holiday season rolls around? In as little as a day, you can have virtually any bath or shower system installed and ready for use, including:

·  Custom-designed wall surrounds in your choice of color, texture, and trim

·  Traditional or barrier-free shower bases

·  Designer shower doors and complementary hardware

·  Tub-shower combos

·  And so many more!

Not only will your guest bathroom renovation make your home more comfortable for out-of-town visitors, but it can also save you time as you prepare for guests to arrive! Because they’re built with mold-fighting surfaces, our features require less effort and time to clean.

3. Turn your master bathroom into an at-home spa.

If you’re looking for the ultimate bathing upgrade, our master bathroom remodelers can transform your mundane space into something straight from the pages of your favorite remodeling magazine. Here are just a few ideas for a master bathroom remodeling project:

·  Convert your unwanted shower into a comfortable and relaxing bathtub, complete with designer faucets and built-in foot pedestals.

·  Open up the entire room by turning a traditional bathtub into a spacious walk-in shower with a sleek swinging door.

·  Change up the look and feel of the space by adding new bath or shower walls in an eye-catching pattern or color.

Ready for Your Summer Bathroom Renovation? Contact Us Today!

Have we sparked some ideas for your next bathroom renovation? Then contact Bath Planet of Mid Illinois to turn your thoughts and dreams into an actionable remodeling plan! We’ve worked on more than 10,000 bathrooms since 2000, and we’d be happy to complete your one-day remodel any time this summer. Just give us a call or complete our quick online form to get started now.