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A dirty, dingy bathtub drastically brings down the overall appearance of your bathroom. Not to mention, they require more cleaning with less than desirable results to show for all of your hard work. If you are ready to bring your bathroom back to life, you should plan a bathtub remodel. Champaign, IL residents should come to Bath Planet Remodel. With all of our experience, high-quality products, and customer-oriented service, we can provide you with the results you deserve.

Quick & Efficient Tub Replacement

At Bath Planet Remodel, you can choose from a variety of bathtub remodeling products and services. Whether you want a bath liner or a walk-in tub, our professional installers can provide you with a quick and efficient installation. In fact, we complete many one-day bath remodel projects. Many homeowners love this service because it reduces the disruption to your daily routine, especially for people who only have one bathroom in their house. In addition to our speed and efficiency, you can enjoy the following benefits when you hire us to help with your tub replacement:

  • Customization Options: Our designers help you choose from an assortment of colors, styles, fixtures, and add-ons to create a custom bathtub that meets your needs.
  • Durability: We use quality products made from multi-layered acrylic, which resists chips and cracks.
  • Affordability: Our bath products are extra-durable thanks to our multi-layered acrylic, which resists chips, cracks, and yellowing. 
  • Mold Resistance: You no longer have to waste time scrubbing mold and mildew from the grout in your tub because our baths resist mold and mildew growth

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Don’t waste your time asking the internet, “where can I find bathtub installers near me?” Instead, come to the experts of Bath Planet Remodel today. You can call us to learn more about the bathroom remodeling products and services we have to offer, or you can fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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