15 Essential Tips for Planning a Successful Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting task, but before you start selecting the latest tile or bathtub design, there are a few essential considerations to make sure your project goes as planned. To ensure that your bathroom renovation goes off without a hitch, here are 15 points to keep in mind. First and foremost, set a budget. Estimate how much you can spend and subtract the amount allocated to labor.

This will give you a better idea of what you can afford for tiles, accessories and extras. Don't forget to factor in small items like new towels, laundry clothes, soap dishes, mirrors, towel racks and bathroom rugs. It's also important to understand the standard dimensions of the bathroom. This will help you plan out the layout and determine how much space you have to work with.

If you're on a budget, it's best to invest in a few high-end materials rather than splurging on everything. When it comes to design, consider who will be using the bathroom and how. Think about reselling the house and how the bathroom design will fit with the rest of the house. You may also need to take into account any special considerations such as ADA compliance or fire regulations for toilet screens.

If you have enough space, it's best to keep at least one bathtub in your home as this helps retain value. If not, you can turn your bathtub into a shower instead. Don't make the bathroom the first thing you see when you open the door either - this can be distracting and take away from the overall aesthetic of your home.When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you may need professional help for certain aspects of your project. This could include hiring a plumbing contractor from the beginning of the project to assist with any design changes or reconfiguration.

You may also need an electrician to ensure that all new electrical installations meet your municipality's regulations.Finally, don't forget about final cleaning. This should include a thorough cleaning of all cabinets, inside and out, ducts, walls, floor, windows and lamps. If you feel like doing it yourself, you may need to add a day or two to your initial schedule.By following these 15 tips from Sparta Trades Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, you can guarantee that your bathroom renovation project goes off without a hitch and that you get the results you want.

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